Individual Solutions

We offer individual solutions for your individual needs!

Barcode The ActiveBarcode software package includes the ActiveBarcode Control and the ActiveBarcode Generator. It offers very much "out of the box" solutions: We offer free downloadable examples for different software products and step-by-step instructions to embed barcodes into your different documents and/or software products.

If you have demands on your barcode solution, that you cannot solve for yourself, we are glad to offer our services to you.

We offer individual solutions & support: for example
  • Adaptation of our barcode software at your requests
  • Creation of macros for Office software
  • Practical solutions for your requirements
  • Creating a proof of concept to reduce risks for your decisions
We develope barcode software since 1994! Take part of our experience!

Contact us by EMail and describe what you need. We will discuss the best and most efficient way for your individual solution and will submit you a non-binding offer. Our hourly rate for smaller projects is 89 EUR plus VAT. For larger projects we grant a volume discount or offer you a flat-rate.