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Supporting SoftwareLink

What programs work with the ActiveBarcode control?
All programs that support OLE 2.0 and all programs that explicit support ActiveX controls like Access, Excel, Word, Internet Explorer, FrontPage, Visual FoxPro, Visual C++, Visual J++, Visual C#, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), PowerBuilder, Delphi and many more.

Saving Bitmap filesLink

My primary objective is to take the barcodes that I've generated and save them as .bmp files. I'm using Visual Basic. Can you help me?
Yes, simply use the methods SaveAs, SaveAsBySize or SaveAsBySizeExtended.

If you want to change the bitmap before saving, use the Picture property to retrieve the image.

The barcode or it's picture property does not refresh or doesn't have any dataLink

I get an error stating the picture property is not set and does not contain any data yet.
If you use the picture property in time critical or batch loops, you have to give the windows system enough time to do it's events. E.g. in VBA you use 'DoEvents'. This guarantees that the picture property is correctly set with data. Alternatively you can try to use the 'CreatePictureBySize' method before using the picture property.

Rotating the BarcodeLink

I would like to know if this control allows change orientation of the barcode (rotation)?
Yes, please have a look at the property "Rotate".

Manually install the controlLink

I am a developer an want to install the control manually on my target system. How do i do this?
You can use regsvr32.exe (this should be on your system) to register the control manually. Launch regsvr32.exe activebarcode.ocx and the control will be registered to the target system.

Scaling the BarcodeLink

Why is it not possible to scale arbitrarily to get barcodes of any size between min and max sizes? When I scale the control, the content of the control - the barcode - does not scale continuously
The control itself may be scaled to any size you need. But the content of the control - the barcode - has to be readable by a scanner. So it has to follow some rules which exactly say what size the single bars and spaces must have. This is why you can scale the barcode to any height because this does not effect the width of the bars and spaces of the barcode. But if you change the width of the control, ActiveBarcode displays the largest correct (in the meaning of not breaking the rules) barcode that is possible within the controls dimension. So you can sometimes see that if you resize the control it does not change the barcode itself. You have to resize it once again (make it wider) to change the barcode, too. Sounds confusing? If you resize the control you will understand what I am trying to say <g>.

Change the human readable text lineLink

How can I change the format of the text line under the barcode?
If you want another text line format for a barcode you can use the ShowText Property to deactive the text line under the barcode by setting it to false. Then you can create your own textline manually in the format you require with your software.

Automatic size change?Link

Because we translate customer numbers to barcode, it is not always possible to know the exact lenght of the code. I sometime get a Size Error. Is it possible to auto size the barcode?
An auto size option is not available now. But you have 2 possible solutions for this.

First is to always create a bigger image. ActiveBarcode always creates the largest barcode that is possible into the dimensions of the image. So create a huge bitmap for the barcode and you'll always receive a correct barcode in the best size for that image. If you create a small barcode with less numbers the barcode will be enlarged to fit best into the image size.

Second is to use the "IsSizeOk" property. You can set the barcode dimensions and then ask the property "IsSizeOk" if the barcode fits into this dimensions. If you get true, the size is good, if you get false you have to enlarge the image. Do this in steps until you get true and you have the needed size.

Object, OCX, Control: Entering control codesLink

How can I enter control codes, like a Return?
You can use control characters as plain text within angle brackets. Further information and a list of the control characters can be found here: How to use control characters